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Friends of the New®
artist and talent services | by Majestic Casual

FOTN forms the latest addition to majestic collective -
the home of brands such as majestic casual and majestic casual records.

With over 10 years of industry experience and being behind success stories such as the majestic casual YouTube channel or platinum-selling artist Two Feet, FOTN is built on the back of a strong brand and network.



We empower emerging creative talent.
We bring their ideas to life.

We aim to build a global network of creators from diverse backgrounds and artistic disciplines - bringing new and exciting creative ideas and projects to the world, that may not be recognized otherwise.



We're constantly seeking out emerging talent, new projects and collaborations.

Alongside a distribution channel and revenue stream for our artists, we provide them with an experienced team, a creative network, funding, and industry expertise - from concept to realization.

We strongly encourage and believe in the power of collaboration and creative exchange without borders and labels.



The birth of new ideas, partnerships, and projects.

A global network of creators from different backgrounds and disciplines.

A distribution channel and revenue stream for young artists.